top1 [täp]
[ME < OE topp, akin to ON toppr, tuft, top, Ger zopf, tuft of hair, summit]
1. Obs.
a) a tuft of hair
b) the hair of the head
2. the head, or crown of the head: now chiefly in top to toe
3. the upper or highest part, section, point, or surface of anything [the top of a hill]
4. the part of a plant that grows above ground [beet tops]
5. something that constitutes the uppermost part or covering of something else; specif.,
a) a lid, cover, cap, etc. [a box top, bottle top]
b) the upper part of an automobile body, esp. a folding roof or cover
c) a platform around the head of each lower mast of a sailing ship, to which the rigging of the topmast is attached
a) the upper part of a two-piece garment, esp. for a woman [a pajama top]
b) any upper garment for a woman, often, specif., one other than a shirt or blouse
7. a person or thing first in order, excellence, importance, etc.; specif.,
a) the highest degree or pitch; zenith; acme [at the top of one's voice, the top of one's career]
b) the highest rank, position, etc. [at the top in one's profession]
c) a person in this rank, etc.
d) the choicest part; pick; cream [the top of the crop, top of the morning]
e) the beginning, as of a piece of music [take it from the top ]
f) Baseball the first half ( of an inning)
8. [pl.] Slang something or someone that is preeminent in quality, ability, popularity, etc.; the very best: used predicatively (often with the)
9. [pl.] Card Games the highest cards of a suit
10. Chem. the most volatile part of a mixture
11. Sports
a) a stroke that hits the ball above center or near its top
b) the forward spin given the ball by such a stroke
of, situated at, or being the top; uppermost, highest, greatest, or foremost [the top drawer, top honors]
topped, topping
1. to take off the top of (a plant, etc.)
a) to provide or cover with a top
b) to put or place on the top of
3. to be a top for
4. to reach the top of; be on a level with
5. to exceed in amount, height, degree, etc. [a fish topping 75 pounds]
6. to be better, more effective, funnier, etc. than; surpass; outdo
7. to go over the top of (a rise of ground, etc.)
8. to be at the top of; head; lead
9. Chem. to remove the volatile parts from by distillation
10. Dyeing to finish with a certain dye
11. Sports
a) to hit or stroke (a ball) at a point above its center or near its top, giving it a forward spin
b) to make (a stroke) by hitting the ball in this way
to top someone or something (in any sense)
☆ blow one's top
off the top
Slang from gross income
☆ off the top of one's head
speaking offhand, without careful thought
on top
at the top; successful
on top of
1. on or at the top of
2. resting upon
3. in addition to; besides
4. following immediately after
5. controlling successfully
over the top
1. over the front of a trench, as in attacking
2. exceeding the assigned quota or goal
3. Informal beyond the limits of good taste, propriety, or self-restraint; excessive
top off
1. to complete by adding a finishing touch
2. Informal to fill to the top
☆ top out
1. to complete the skeleton or framework of (a building, esp. a skyscraper)
2. to fill or rise to the top
3. to reach a peak, maximum, etc.
top up Chiefly Brit.
1. to fill to the top
2. to increase to the highest level, amount, etc.
top2 [täp]
[< OE, prob. special use of TOP1]
a child's cone-shaped toy, spun on its pointed end
sleep like a top
to sleep soundly

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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